Elena Daniels, FNP LMT

There was no question that I would become a healer someday. When I was a young teen, my family relocated from Germany to Eugene, and I had to choose only 3 toys to take. I knew my little black plastic doctor’s bag had to make the cut. I had regularly dreamed that I was healing people by placing my hands on their shoulders. In fact, this calling continued into adulthood in various ways, and I began formalizing a profession, first, becoming a licensed massage therapist. Eventually, I became a nurse practitioner, with the desire to help others realize their innate ability to be well. 

With endless curiosity and a spark for adventure, I marvel at what makes each person tick, how and what moves their body, and what animates their soul. Beyond medicine, nursing, and bodywork, my knowledge and skillset draw on explorations of varied disciplines and subjects, including art, dance, cadaver dissection, sciences, culture and communication studies, as well as many forms of healing arts.  Most recently, I have studied and completed certification in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture, and am loving the great outcomes it has provided many of my patients.

I am grateful for the colorful number of health care practitioners out there. We each bring our unique selves and approaches to helping people.  You can read more about my Philosophy of Health below. If this strikes a chord, I invite you to make an appointment to meet me and to allow me to further answer any questions I didn’t address.

Elena Daniels FNP LMT Rare Medicine
Elena Daniels FNP LMT Rare Medicine

Health Care Philosophy

I believe that we are designed to self-heal, especially when we give ourselves the support structure to do so. Oftentimes, the journey to wellbeing takes time and patience, both of which seem in short supply in our modern world. Rarely are monotherapies, like medications, the long-term solutions to disease (which I prefer to view as imbalances). And while they offer a valuable (sometimes life-saving and necessary) crutch, I like to explore lifestyle modifications and creative approaches that work with your body’s design to return to balance. That said, I am medically trained and know when Western medical interventions are needed. I work constructively and yet also intuitively with each person and in each moment, and I tend to be very thorough and unhurried. I cannot promise that I have all the answers, but I do commit to accompany you on your journey of your best possible health. To further this, I continue to learn new tools and insights to help me help you. Starting my own practice is both scary and exciting, and I thank you for helping me to grow my lifetime dream.

Our Mission

To explore optimum health and healing of the whole person.