Chronic pain is not addressed with opioids in our office, so they are not prescribed or refilled. However, we work together with people on their source of chronic pain.

Receipts for massage and/or acupuncture treatments pertaining to a motor vehicle accident claim may be reimbursable by your car insurance.   

Those on Medicaid (OHP) or Medicare may not be allowed to submit for reimbursement of money spent on the services provided by our office/providers. Private insurance will likely designate us as out-of-network providers, and may still cover/reimburse for our services provided to you (but maybe not at full cost). You should check with your insurance carrier to avoid unnecessary surprises. We have opted out of Medicare and are not participating providers for any health insurance carriers, including OHP and Medicare. Sometimes these insurances will also not cover our orders for medications or labs.

Please check with your employer and/or tax professional about these kinds of reimbursements.